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    Danika Satyre

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    Danika Satyre

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    Habbo name: !x!Danik@!x!
    Character name: Danika Satyre
    Character age: 15
    character school year: Sophmore

    Character apperance: Danika has black luscious hair, that runs down to her mid-back. For only a 15 year old, she's a bit busty for her age. She's not a skyscraper, but Danika's tall enough. Danika is of latin and Aryan decent, and loves to be clad in designers like Louis Vuitton, Juicy Couture, and Prada.
    Character Personality: Danika is smart, dedicated, and most of all stubborn. Her favorite game is playing hard to get, and her practice obstacles are boys. She is serious about her future, and making sure that acting is in it. She parties the night away like paris hilton with appletinis. But, she's still kind-hearted and down to earth.
    Character background: Danika was born in St. Maarten while her parents were on a vacation. She looks extremely tropical, and has a natural glow to her bronzed skin. Her mother is a gorgeous Aryan, while her father is italian and colombian. Her mixes make her beautiful.

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