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    Steven Garcia

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    Habbo name: Steven-Garcia
    Character name: Steven Garcia
    Character age: 18
    character school year: Senior
    Character apperance: Steven is a bit tall, standing at 5'11''. Steven dresses in baggy, fresh looking clothing. Wearing some sort of jewelry around his neck. Steven has an attractive built body, and has a scar under his right eye.

    Character Personality: Steven can be a nice guy, but he has a short temper. When people begin to disrespect him, he will get very annoyed. Respect means a lot to Steven. He finds it to be the easiest way to get around, when people like you. Steven loves to talk to girls, making them feel special. He would do anything for the ones he cares about, defending them in any situation, even if the person is wrong. Probably the most caring guy you will ever meet. Steven does keep to himself most of the time, trying to to interfere with anyone elses problems.

    Character background: Steven, growing up from a poor family, basicly raised on the streets, trying his best to do good in school, one day hoping to support his family. Steven had to many problems with people at his former school, fighting with a lot of kids because of an incident you would have to earn the right for him to tell you. Steven moved to the new school, hoping to get a better education to help his family. Steven did grow up learning never to let anyone disrespect you, and he learned the way of the hustler, only to make money for his family. Steven was arrested for dealing Marijuana, he was phone tapped, and busted. Steven was apart of a local gang in his area. Steven watched his best friend die next to him in a terrifying gun fight. Steven was shot twice in the chest, but surviving. Now, Steve just does what he can to make it through life, and to support his family.

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