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    Ross Reid ';;

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    Habbo Name: Occidio
    Character Name: Ross " Braveheart " Reid'
    Age: Nineteen
    Weight: Two Hundred Ten
    Height: Six Foot Four
    Zodiac: Gemini

    Clique: Misfits

    - Smoking
    - Smoking Weed
    - Drinking Alcohol
    - Hanging with friends Especially Taison Proski
    - going for long ass drivers with taison.
    - Rock music, Metal music, Screamo music anything thats good
    - also enjoys partying, Hanging with a massive gang etc, Although sometimes he enjoys to be left in a "beautiful" location alone with his thoughts.

    - whores.
    - Bullies
    - People who hate hate his family

    Inventory: Switchblade, Cigarettes, Lighters, Wallet, Money, Car Keys, Various other Keys, Etc

    Family Name: Reid
    Family Members: Too many to list

    Physical Apperance: Geled and straightened hair, Muscular build, Normal jeans or skinny jeans, a leather jacket, A tattoo with his family name and a Scotland flag under it, Also a tattoo that Taison Proski, And Riley Grafata also have it represents a triad, He also has a few more tattoos on his lower back etc, One that is noticable is on the right side of his Neck he has a tattoo saying " Love " On it, he also wears white or black tops, and other various items,

    Information: Ross has a muscular build, and was first known as a jock at Hendrix. Soon after leaving the Jocks the became a fighter, eventually growing older he decided on becoming a greaser after getting into cars, and different types of music, although being a greaser got old for him, But he was known to be one of the greatest Greaser leaders of all time. He is only known to have these few qualities he is said to be. Brave, Romantic, Adorable, Muscular, Strong, Loving, And funny, more information will be known about Ross during his time period at hendrix. He currently is a Misfit, and stands up for all his friends and people he respects, standing up for them no matter what the odds are. He is currently Single and trying to build up his reputation once more having not lost one fight in his history of going to a variety of schools his reputation was gained to be a Fighter Legend.

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