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    Habbo name: Twisted-Hilt
    Real Life name: Duncan
    Character name: Duncan-Michaels
    Character age: Sixteen Years of Age.
    character school year: Junior, Year Elevan.
    Character apperance:

    Character Personality: Duncan, is a slightly muscular, boy who is very very energetic. He enjoys, pulling pranks and messing with people. He is usually a very nice guy, unless annoyed. He rarely wishes to fight, he plays two sports. Baseball, and Fencing.

    Character background: Being born on Octobre, 31st, Duncan, is a Scorpio. Ever since he could walk and talk, he's been energetic, and always got into things he shouldn't be in. Until the age of 15 he started going to Private schools. He was kicked out of his first boarding School, Zeppelin, for pretending to commit suicide, as a joke. He has just transfered to Fitzroy, Academy. His idol, is a guy named Neg, who pulls pulls practical jokes on, people. He decieded to wear Neg's trademark a Cowboy Hat, and uses the Catchphrase LEG IT!!! He carries a small backpack, with him, and has a Switchblade, for protection. Being new at Fitzroy, right now he is trying to be noticed, and hope to make new friends.

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