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    Pete (has no last name)


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    Pete (has no last name)

    Post  Pete! on Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:19 pm

    Habbo name: Peted0g7707

    Character name: Pete (has no last name)

    Character age: 15

    character school year: freshman?

    Character apperance:

    Character Personality: Hates to fight, usually trying to break them up. He loves music, Hates to be bored like any other person on the planet. Usually flond coming through windows instead of doors.

    Character background: Pete has a lot of diffrent mental conditions; Some past, some still with him. When he gets "in the zone" He can't control himself from Sprinting around and barking at people. His real past, he was the Goverment's "Super Human"Made of Bionic Research. But all he is, is just a really smart, Flexable, and strong Kid.

    Favroite Songs : Yeah it sped up Razz

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