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    Elyse Hatch ;


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    Elyse Hatch ;

    Post  Moonkitty on Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:45 pm

    Habbo name:Moonkitty781
    Character name:Elyse Hatch
    Character age:15
    character school year:Freshman
    Character apperance:

    Character Personality: Elyse is mostly nice, she has a wild side. She loves to party and explore the city's underground clubs.
    Her favorite events of the year are NY Fashion week, she sits front row to Jean Paul Gaultier's runway. Elyse is also known for being a little sneaky. She'gets even like no one else. She has made it to a couple of tabloid magazines, and was the ITgirl for Manhattan's famous page six.
    Character background:
    Elyse's mother died while giving birth to her. Elyse belives that's why her father, Paul Hatch, dislikes her. Her father is one of the most wealth men on the upper east side. He owns many buildings in the city. Most of the sky line is his, but he is infamous for embezzlement. Elyse has good grades for the most part, but gets into alot of trouble while in school. She pans on going to Yale after graduating from Fitzroy.

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