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    A'Marie Penhamson



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    A'Marie Penhamson

    Post  Kiwibird. on Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:43 pm

    Habbo name:

    RawrItzKiwi (Kiwi or Kiwibird oocly)

    Character name:

    A'Marie Penhamson

    Character age:


    Character school year:


    Character apperance:


    Character Personality:

    Around adults she is the nicest person, around the students she is a bitch, a vixen what ever you want to call it. The idea of her parents being very successful lawyers has got her being the rich snob she has been since the start, of the age of six. She loves to get her way, and knows how to start to drama if needed.

    Character background:

    A'Marie has modeled and danced since the age of six, being born in New York City, on Saturday, May 16th, 1993. She has come to FAA to accomplish her goals of her modeling through as a model for the photography people, and dancing with the best of the best, making sure that she will do the best as she can, through any black mail or not.

    [ Found on Photobucket & sorry for the longness of the photo. Will add things in time. ] *


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    Re: A'Marie Penhamson

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