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    Fitztroy Academy Of Arts Basic Knowledge Of The School


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    Fitztroy Academy Of Arts Basic Knowledge Of The School

    Post  HeadmasterMcKinley on Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:04 pm


    Welcome to Fitzroy Academy Of Arts, located in the upper east side of Manhattan, New York.Well known for its beautiful location and architecture, F.A.A is one of the largest Academy’s in all of The United States and yet it stays humble with its population of less than 1500 students. With such a small student body, it’s quite obvious that the bar is raised quite high and students are scrutinized with a critical eye. There is an acceptance committee, consisting of all the department heads along with the school’s well respected Headmaster, Mr. Bartholomeu McKinley.

    For years the academy has been known for being free spirited yet strict and for teaching the students how to express themselves and carry themselves with elegance and confidence. Another thing that the Fitzroy Academy of Arts teaches is competition.

    The town that the Academy lies within the hectic, city life, well known for its beautiful landscapes and buildings enormous in size. There are small little shops lined along the beautiful main street and the image of it all is breathtaking and definately gives a sence of independence.

    FAA is praised highly for its teaching staff, which is quite the compliment. Students who are part of this Academy are as diversified as the arts that are taught here. Most are wealthy, though some of them come here with a scholarship. It was founded by Marjorie Fitzroy and Fionn Fitzroy. They where both photographers, musicians, poets, novelists, journalists and film directors.They came to the United States many years ago, as immigrants from Saint-Brieuc, Bretagne, France.

    Yet be warned, for in this beautiful, city life fun, there are secrets. Secrets about the town, secrets about the history, and above all, secrets about the people. Lies, sex, battles, scandal, contreversy, and a little game of backstabbing and blackmailing. Will you fall prey to a rumor? Will you start one? Or will you plead ignorance? Only one way to find out; join us at Fitztroy Academy of Arts. Applications are at the front office, beside the sign in sheet. We look forward to seeing you around.

    RULES ;

    001. The rules are safe and simple, follow them. It's not hard.
    002. First and foremost the faculty have power, there is a reason they are chosen. Listen to each and everything they say.
    003. This is a high-school RP. If it happens in high-school it can happen here, pregnancy, drugs, sex, and all that jazz.
    004. Charecter fighting is allowed by all means, drama is fun. But no OOC drama, if you have a problem with anyone here, come to the Headmaster.
    005. You are allowed to have one character and one character only. Please do not use any cartoons or anime to be your character. Use a celebrity.
    006. We ask that you have the guts to post the drama on the gossip section <3
    007. Please, do not post anything but your application before you have been accepted.
    008. The headmaster is the only one who can accept your application, no one else.
    009. Do not get catty OOC because of something that happened IC.
    010. Have fun! That's what we're here for.

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